Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 19 Review

Now I’m a big Criminal Minds fan and being an island girl I’m extremely ecstatic when my island is mentioned or used in any TV series of movie. So I watched this episode with more enthusiasm than any other because I heard that Barbados was being featured as the scene for this episode. After watching the episode here’s what I have to say.

So I know that I am real late on the Criminal Minds episode that supposedly featured Barbados, as I watched it I realized like many people did, that this episode just featured the name of our island, our flag and the shape of our island. The city where the embassy was does not exist our capital city is Bridgetown not Bridgeport and the US Embassy is located in Wildey as it was relocated from the city for a number of years now, the license plates that the unsub used do not exist our license plates here only feature letters at the beginning of the license plates and nowhere else, the type of van they claimed that are popular on the island is not so yes there are vans on the island like that but they are not that popular nor or they multi colour, they are one solid coloured and that’s it, the different harbours that they claimed to exist especially one that is abandoned does not exist yes we have multiple harbours but we do not have any desolate ones at all that I am aware of, the airport not ours GAIA does not look like that on the outside or the inside and the gas station that the unsub stopped at we nah got none of them here, I don’t even know that name we have SOL formerly SHELL, RUBIS formerly TEXACO and ESSO gas stations. The colours used for the police uniform were right but I was not able to see the officers clearly so I am not sure that they were our RBPF, as there are similar police uniforms in other caribbean islands. I mean if you are going to use my island or any other caribbean island for that matter, either do your research properly or get a consultant who is from the island so they can effectively help you write your script and make it more believable or at least as close as possible to the actual island situation.


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